Have you been using the speech recognition Dragon software on your computer for work or other purposes? Or maybe you have been curious about using Dragon. Dragon is a great program, allowing you to maneuver through your computer with less mouse and keypad interaction, however, there have been some complaints concerning the usability and simplicity of the application. Today, we are pleased to share that these problems can be solved with a simple software called VoiceComputer.

What is VoiceComputer?

VoiceComputer is a an add-on for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Instead of having to memorize the commands and clicking around to figure out each command, VoiceComputer places the numbered commands right on the screen for you to easily access in your speech recognition uses. By saying phrases such as, “drag 23 to 45,” you can productively control the Windows desktop and your applications.

Bringing Usability to Dragon Speech Recognition

Using VoiceComputer to tell your computer what to do, you do not need to point and click, but simply say the correct number assigned to the application, control, or link that you desire to access. You can create new messages, drag a message to a folder, open a message, or reply to a message by using only your voice. Instead of using a dozen commands to accomplish a task, VoiceComputer only requires one or two commands, saving you time, effort, and brainpower to increase productivity in the workplace.

Ensuring Pain-Free Work Experience

Using the VoiceComputer speech add-on for Dragon lets you enjoy up 100% hands-free voice control of your computer. VoiceComputer’s simplicity  will help you greatly increase your productivity with Dragon.

Repetitive Strain Injuries both hurt and hurt your productivity. We developed the world’s only ergonomic user interface. Our speech application improves your productivity and your success with Dragon.

With speech recognition, company members with muscle or nerve hindrances can work productively and comfortably. VoiceComputer can help you work productively without pain.

“VoiceComputer is excellent and worth every penny; it’s essentially saved by bacon as it were and allowed me to continue working even though I’ve got severe RSI.” – Paul R.

Order VoiceComputer to create a positive change in your computer usage or contact us for more information.

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