When it comes to using a voice recognition computer, the benefits can be virtually endless. Because you can reduce the use of your hands and wrists, you greatly reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and other injuries that are associated with repetitive motion.

You can also work faster and more efficiently using just your voice, eliminating the need for hours of clicking and pointing! Hands-free computers are fast rising in popularity thanks to their efficiency and ease of use.

VoiceComputer is unique software designed to get rid of repetitive motion associated with mouse and touchpad use – and it comes with a money-back guarantee. It includes a self-guided training system, allows you to control your Windows desktop, files, & folders with just voice, and you can utilize your mouse as much or as little as you wish.

If you need to know how to do something – just ask! VoiceComputer is intuitive so you can use it productively. It’s made for all types of learning styles, and has just a half dozen basic commands. Once you begin to understand how the voice recognition works with your working style, you can even create your own commands so that the program is customized to your needs.

Computer control with just your voice is breaking the barriers of inaccessibility. VoiceComputer’s speech interface becomes the first global speech interface with customization, and it’s ground-breaking technology is brining ease of use to the world of speech recognition. You can control any screen or application with its simple voice template system, even including major applications that were previously too complex to be voice-enabled.

Because our interface is designed to be user-friendly, it helps you keep your desktop organized and your work productive. You don’t need to learn hundreds of commands just to move an email from one folder to the other. VoiceComputer will number the items on your screen so you know exactly what to say to achieve the goal you want. It makes speech control and voice recognition a natural part of Windows!

With VoiceComputer, just say,

49 to open a message
26 to reply to a message
19 to create a new message
Drag 53 to 62 to drag a message to a folder

That’s it! Simply say your commands. Enjoy as much or as little hands-free computing as you want with the same applications that you use every single day. VoiceComputer is easy to learn, easy-to-use, and risk free.

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