Presentation at CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2017

Ray Grott, ATP, RET

The RET Project, San Francisco State University


  • No use of extremities, very limited head range of motion
  • Weak and inconsistent speech, but usable with latest version of Dragon speech recognition
  • Uses Intag Speech Interface to work with Dragon in email, Office docs, online grant applications, Facebook and YouTube

Sandy and Monique

  • RSI with doctors’ orders limiting using of keyboard and mouse.
  • Uses Intag to access MS Outlook AND custom PeopleSoft databases for registration and financial aid
  • Without Intag: Many menu items and page items are not keyboard or voice-accessible. Numerous screens, making scripting voice macros time consuming and expensive. More commands to memorize.
  • Using Dragon Professional
  • Monique: Kensington Turbo Mouse trackball, ErgoRest mobile arm support
  • Sandy: Kensington Expert Mouse trackball + TASH Micro Light switch and Infogrip sswitch adapted mouse


  • Has Parkinson’s-like symptoms with periods of pronounced dyskinesia
  • Composer working with Sibelius scoring software and ProTools. Uses Intags and Intag Overlays with Dragon
  • Uses custom “typing sticks” and n-ABLER Pro Joystick with tremor dampening
  • Uses speech when he can’t use hands well
  • Intags work with many different menus and floating toolbars
  • Intag Overlays helped when Intag numbers were not sufficient

Raul & Margaret

  • Hi level spinal cord injuries requiring use of a ventilator
  • Can use a mouthstick, but speech is doable
  • Raul began using the GlassOuse head mouse
  • Margaret can use a large trackball placed in exactly the right position
  • Both find mousing tiring: Intag was most efficient


  • Has Cerebral Palsy with very limited hand control and range of motion
  • Good speech made her an excellent candidate for speech recognition
  • Mouse access was a major challenge, with the best physical option being a modified joystick mouse, though it was slow and tedious.
  • Intag reduced the learning curve for Dragon and made many tasks more efficient.

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