Voice Macros / Dragon Scripting

Dragon scripting lets you create voice macros that can make your work easier and help you increase your productivity.

A few examples:

"Page down 8"          -   The computer pages down 8 pages
"Date Stamp"            -   A date stamp is inserted

Application-specific macros can make an application easier to use. Some Excel macros:

"Edit Cell h18"                -     Cursor jumps to Cell H 18 and puts Excel in edit mode
"Next worksheet"           -      Cursor jumps to next worksheet
"Extend through R47"   -    The program selects the range of cells from cursor position to Cell R47

Many Dragon users could benefit from a few macros that are created specifically for the applications they use at work and the job tasks they perform.

VoiceComputer's Intag technology makes it easy to control your computer by voice.  So, it may not be the best use of your time to create custom commands for job tasks that are seldom performed. After six months of use, most users who have bought or created a large macro set, are only routinely using a hand-full of macros.

VoiceComputer's forum will soon be introducing a Dragon scripting forum to help you create your own commands.

VoiceComputer includes hundreds of macros. You can view them as you work by using our help commands, e.g., Show Global Commands, Show Excel Commands, Show Desktop Commands.

Information about a Dragon/VoiceComputer add-on and a website with Dragon scripting commands follow:

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