Delivering Dragon with Success

Most Dragon training companies just provide training. We provide usability.

Guarantee your success with Dragon

Over 20 years of industry experience backs our unique training programs.

Our experts can help you refine a more productive workflow, making you a happier Dragon user. With our onsite and remote offerings, we can even help you save on overall training costs.


What does VoiceTeach, LLC do?

VoiceTeach, LLC supplies everything you need to get speech recognition up and running with a combination of:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Components and systems
  • Installation
  • Personalized on-site and remote training
  • Ongoing support

We can even develop and install custom software to integrate standard voice package databases and processing applications. We are authorized dealers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. VoiceTeach, LLC has the best value and voice technology today: comprehensive, flexible solutions at highly competitive prices.

What's Our secret?

We adapt our training to maximize success for individuals in their work

Example: Our users are up and running with Outlook within 30 minutes. Our users are more productive than users who receive 6-12 hours of Outlook training from our competitors.

Our goal is for our users to spend less time training and more time being productive.

  • VoiceComputer makes the learning curve for Dragon short by making Dragon easy to learn, easy to use, easy to remember and fun to use
  • VoiceComputer also makes Dragon more powerful and accessible than ever before.


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VoiceTeach, LLC?
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Be pain-free at your PC

Computer Control, by Voice!

The idea behind VoiceComputer and InTag was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

Now you use voice control instead of your mouse or touchpad or use your voice in conjunction with your mouse/touchpad.

We make accessibility simple and productive.