What is VoiceComputer?

VoiceComputer is the premier add-on for Dragon.

Control your computer with little or no mouse, no keyboard, and no stress.

Pain free at your PC

VoiceComputer's revolutionary InTag speech interface delivers the simplest, most accessible, versatile and productive voice control of your computer ever.

VoiceComputer makes it simple to control your computer any way you wish, by voice and/or any combination of voice, mouse and touchpad that you wish.

  • Eliminates repetitive motion and the injuries associated with it
  • Breaks the barriers that tie you to your computer
  • 100% hands-free computing

Designed for Accessibility, Productivity, & Ease-of-Use

VoiceComputer was designed to meet the needs of the thousands of users searching for better control, less pain, and hassle-free productivity.

Guaranteed to greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use — or your money back.
A self-guided training system
Voice control of the Windows desktop
Voice control of files and folders
A powerful voice-controlled mouse
Hands-free control of your computer

The world’s first ergonomic user interface. For all of us.

VoiceComputer is a new people-friendly way to control your computer.

It is a proven mouse and touchpad alternative that works with Dragon to make simple, intuitive voice control a natural part of Windows by automatically numbering an application's menus and controls.

The key to productive use of Dragon is learning how to use it effectively

VoiceComputer brings you comprehensive interactive help and learning at every stage as you use speech recognition. You will actively participate in learning as you ask for and receive exactly the instructions that you need, without interruption, when you want it, while you work.
With Dragon, you may eventually learn what you can do by trial and error, but much of the essential and critical information is undocumented or unclear.

With VoiceComputer, if you want to know how to do something.
Just Ask!

With VoiceComputer, you will have instant, hands-free access to a complete user manual. You will learn everything that you need to know and understand about Dragon so that you can use it productively.
With tutorials, videos, exercises, help screens and comprehensive lessons for Dragon, VoiceComputer is made for all learning styles. VoiceComputer will help you master speech recognition with the most comprehensive Dragon training guide and user documentation available.


Fast desktop control made easy

VoiceComputer allows you to size, position, and/or switch to any application on your desktop with only one or two speech commands.

Even when you have 10, 20 or more applications open and you're using multiple monitors.

With other programs, the same activity could take a dozen commands.

The Windows desktop is where you get your work done. We make it easy to keep it organized and productive.

A Voice Mouse that delivers complete hands-free control of your computer

VoiceComputer’s Voice Mouse features the most complete and productive speech-controlled mouse ever. Far faster, easier-to-use and much more powerful than Dragon’s mouse commands, VoiceComputer’s mouse commands let you click, double click, ctrl-click, alt-click, shift-click, move, and drag and drop in one or two simple commands. Our Voice Mouse support up to three monitors with a screen-grid that lets you achieve precise accuracy.

"the more I use it, the more impressed I am and love it!"


Remarkably Powerful

VoiceComputer allows you to quickly and easily navigate through your files and folders and open and position them on our desktop with simple voice commands.

Create your own commands. No scripting.

You can easily customize VoiceComputer without scripting or programming.

For example:
Create custom productivity commands in less than 30 seconds with Voice Shortcuts!

Create Move to and Change to Folder commands for Outlook, Lotus, or GroupWise. Create Open from and Save to commands that let you instantly open and save files to your favorite folders and network drives. Create keyboard and mouse commands without scripting.

Access your files at the speed of sound.

VoiceComputer has dozens of navigation commands allowing fast and simple navigation through your documents. We help you get your work done with the easiest and most complete navigation commands available.

Scroll and/or page up and down through virtually any Windows application at whatever speed you wish.

VoiceComputer even lets you navigate through and copy from other documents, web pages, or applications as you continue working in your own document. 

Be pain-free at your PC

Computer Control with Just Your Voice

The idea behind VoiceComputer and InTag was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

We make accessibility simple.