Intags brings easy-to-use control to your desktop. Image created with GUI Design Studio. Courtesy of Caretta Software.

The Intag Speech Application

Intag is an add-on for Dragon
and Windows Speech

Intag features the Intag user interface, the world’s only global speech interface.

The Intag application is a lite version of VoiceComputer with three major features:

  • The Intag speech Interface
  • The Intag Hands-Free Microphone
  • The Intag Voice Mouse

Send your mouse on vacation with our no risk 30-day money back guarantee!

Global accessibility with the Intag speech interface

Interface Based Around Simple Speech Commands

Intag is a ‘Lite’ version of VoiceComputer and it features the Intag speech Interface. The Intag speech interface is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and frees you from dependence on your mouse or touchpad.

  • Greatly reduce your mouse or touchpad use within minutes
  • Enjoy the ease-of-use and simplicity, always knowing what to say
  • Control the applications you use every day, surf the web and control the Windows desktop with simple, consistent voice commands
  • Use the mouse or touchpad whenever and wherever you wish
  • Enjoy unprecedented accessibility, with more speech control of more applications than ever before
  • Enjoy hands-free control of your computer if you wish

Disclaimer: VoiceComputer and InTag are provided as is out-of-the-box. Any additional customization or modifications, aside from genuine bug issues, will be provided on a requested and mutually agreed to/negotiated contract basis as additional cost to the end user.

Hands-free Microphone

The Intag microphone lets you enjoy complete hands-free accessibility. The Intag microphone is always listening in the background, letting you take voice control of your computer, whenever you need to.

Is the Dragon microphone turned off? Just say, "Wake up".

Did the Dragon program crash?

Wish to shutdown or restart your computer?

No problem. Just say,

"Control Center" and you'll be able to restart Dragon or restart your computer.

intag application microphone

The best ergonomic mouse is no mouse at all

Intag features the most complete speech-controlled mouse ever. Far faster, easier-to-use and powerful than Dragon’s mouse commands, Intag’s mouse commands support up to three monitors and let you click, double click, ctrl-click, alt-click, shift-click, move, and drag and drop in one or two simple commands. An optional screen-grid lets you achieve precise accuracy.


For Dragon

$250 Business

$127 Home

Intag Speech Interface

Global Accessibility

Hands-free Voice Mouse

Hands-Free Microphone

Works with Dragon

Chrome extension

Interactive Dragon Training

Interactive Dragon Help

Voice Shortcuts

Hundreds of productivity commands


For Dragon & Windows Speech

$130 Business

$80 Home

Intag Speech Interface

Global accessibility

Hands-free Voice Mouse

Hands-free microphone

Works with Dragon or Windows Speech

Chrome Extension

Take the Pain and Drudgery Out of Computing

  • Intag can be used to help users prevent RSI or to mitigate its effects
  • Intag is less expensive than many ergonomic mice
  • Intag is actually easier to use than an ergonomic mouse
  • Unlike an ergonomic mice Intag doesn’t require any use of the hands

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Be pain-free at your PC

Computer Control, by Voice!

The idea behind VoiceComputer and Intag was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

Now you use voice control instead of your mouse or touchpad or use your voice in conjunction with your mouse/touchpad.

We make accessibility simple and productive.