VoiceComputer lets you control all your applications by voice

VoiceComputer Features

The Intag Speech Interface

The Easiest-to-use And Most Accessible Speech Control. Ever.

Greatly reduce your mouse or touchpad use in minutes.

Or, enjoy simple, hands-free, voice control your computer!

Works with Dragon or Windows Speech

The IntagTM speech interface makes speech control a natural part of Windows.

Intag automatically superimposes numbers on Window controls and your application's menus and controls.

To tell your computer what you want to do, you no longer need to point and click, you simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.

Whether you're accessing your email, navigating through your files and folders, surfing the web, controlling your desktop, accessing your company’s proprietary applications or navigating your Netflix queue and Facebook feed. You just have to follow the numbers. Once you've learned to control one application with Intag, you've learned to control them all.

You don't have to remember hundreds of commands.
Just follow the numbers!

The Intag Speech Interface is used in both the VoiceComputer and Intag applications

Global accessibility with the Intag speech interface

Intag gives you back your choice

Intag gives you more ways than ever to control your computer:

  • by keyboard
  • by mouse
  • by touchpad
  • by voice

Before Intag, it was possible but quite difficult to switch comfortably from mouse or touchpad control to speech control. Now, you now have the freedom to control your computer by the most comfortable way possible.

Intag provides freedom of control - you can control your computer your way with seamless switching between the controls you want to use, whenever you want to use them.

Stop letting complicated, expensive, or inadequate ergonomic technology and equipment stop you from being free to use your computer without pain.

Intag isn't the first numbers-based interface,
but it's the first to get it right

Whenever you access a link, menu or control, open or close a program, or switch between applications, Intag continues to number every control, enabling you to quickly drill through web pages and applications.

The simplicity of Intag's standard user interface cannot by overstated.

Every program you use, use the same basic set of commands. Dragon and other speech programs require hundreds and thousands of commands. Intag lets you control your computer and your applications with just five basic commands:

  • Click x (or just x) where ‘x’ is the number of the control you wish to access
  • Double Click x (or Double x)
  • Right Click x (or Right x)
  • Drag x to y (where you wish object x to y)
(Additional commands include “Toggle” (to close & reopen), “Intag start menu”, and “Intag desktop”. And, “Shift-click x”, “Control-click x”, “Control-click x and y” …)
Desktop and all other screen elements are numbered

the simplest and most powerful speech control ever

SImpler to use than an ergonomic mouse, and faster than other speech programs, Intag makes accessibility simple

The Intag speech interface always lets you know what to say

WITHOUT VoiceComputer


WITH VoiceComputer

With other speech programs like Dragon, you need to learn hundreds of commands to control your computer. Dragon probably has 50-100 commands for this screen alone.*

But, even after you’ve memorized the commands, and you’re in the middle of a project and wish to open an email...

Are you really going to say:?

Move down 7
(And maybe Move up 1 because you moved down too far)
to select the correct email?
and then say Open Mail,
just to open one message?

More likely you’re going to grab your mouse to point and click on the email you wish to open.

If you’re like most Dragon users, you’ll slowly use speech recognition less and less because controlling your computer with Dragon is just not worth the hassle.

* Dragon is so difficult to use that some Dragon trainers provide 6-12 hours of training just to teach you how to control Outlook by voice (at $150. / hour!).


VoiceComputer makes speech control a natural part of Windows by automatically placing numbers on your application's menus and controls.

With VC, anything you might want to do, you can do by just saying the number.

Time for an advanced course in controlling Outlook
Just say:
26 to reply to a message
19 to create a new message
49 to open the message
22 to delete a message
48 to page up in the messages
67 to switch to the calendar
12 to select the View menu
96 to open a link if one of the emails had a link numbered ‘96’ *
Drag 49 to 54 to drag a message to the accessibility folder **
3 to minimize the window
* Dragon commands don’t let you open links in emails. Dragon even makes it difficult to open attachments.
** With Dragon, you’d need to create a custom command to drag messages to folders that you've created.

Intag, the world’s only global speech interface

Intag breaks the barriers of accessibility while providing an easy-to-use, standard user interface.

Control a Greater Number of Applications

Out of the box, Intag lets you control more applications and websites than any other speech application.

Control Inaccessible Programs Easily by Voice

Intag makes it quick and easy for you to make previously inaccessible screens and applications accessible by voice control, without scripting.


The Intag speech interface lets you achieve global accessibility

The Intag speech interface can be customized so that even the most complex and inaccessible applications and websites can be made accessible.

Intag Features

Intag is the first global speech interface with a full set of features designed for ease-of-use and accessibility.

Intag numbers Window and applications controls, as you work, under all conditions, including:

  • As you switch between application windows
  • As you navigate through an application window
  • As you physically click on a Windows, application control, menu or link.

Other features:

  • All Intag commands are customizable
  • Intag's Google Chrome extension brings simple accessibility to Gmail, Google Drive, websites, intranet sites...
  • Everything is accessible! Create your own Intags for inaccessible windows and applications.
  • Outlook controls, messages, links, etc. are Intagged, providing complete, fast and easy voice control. *
  • PDF forms are Intagged, providing fast access **
  • Word Templates (compatibility mode) are Intagged **
  • VoiceTeach LLC can customize Intag to make even complex and previously inaccessible applications and websites fully accessible  (custom programming fees apply)

* Requires Outlook 2016. Intag provides excellent but incomplete control of previous versions of Outlook

** May require customization

Disclaimer: VoiceComputer and InTag are provided as is out-of-the-box. Any additional customization or modifications, aside from genuine bug issues, will be provided on a requested and mutually agreed to/negotiated contract basis as additional cost to the end user.

Be pain-free at your PC

Computer Control, by Voice!

The idea behind VoiceComputer was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

Now you use voice control instead of your mouse or touchpad or use your voice in conjunction with your mouse/touchpad.

We make accessibility simple and productive.