The way you control and interact with your computer will never be the same!

VoiceComputer for Dragon

InTag for Dragon / Windows Speech

"...using VoiceComputer is liberating."  -- John H., MD.


We make Dragon a lot more useful by making it simple and easy to use!

VoiceComputer revolutionizes computer control by voice, making it simpler than mouse control – and, at the same time - letting you continue to use your mouse, touchpad, and keyboard as much, or as little as you wish. You’ll be good to go as soon as you open the program.

Greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use in 5 minutes!

The differences between Dragon and VoiceComputer are obvious the second you see them side-by-side.

Unlike Dragon, VoiceComputer is simple, user-friendly, gets out of your way, and lets you get your work done.


Dragon WITHOUT VoiceComputer

With Dragon, you need to learn hundreds of commands to control your computer.

Dragon probably has 50 commands for this screen alone.

But, what are the commands?

How do you create a new email?
Reply to an email?
Create a new message
Drag a message to a folder?

With Dragon, you have to memorize the commands you need to use. And, once you learn them, are you really going to remember them when you're trying to get your work done?

Or, are you just going to reach for your mouse, as most users do, because Dragon is just not worth the hassle?


Dragon WITH VoiceComputer

VoiceComputer’s game-changing speech user interface is a marvel of simplicity.

VoiceComputer makes speech control a natural part of Windows by automatically placing numbers on your application's menus and controls.

VoiceComputer always lets you know what to say by numbering the controls, menus and links on a screen.

With VoiceComputer, to tell your computer what you want to do, you no longer need to point and click, you simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.

With VoiceComputer, just say,
49 to open a message
26 to reply to a message
19 to create a new message
Drag 53 to 62 to drag a message to a folder

Stop clicking around!

Just say the numbers on the screen to control your computer!

*Our VoiceComputer and our Intag applications both feature the Intag speech interface.

"We Brits don't tend to gush very much, however, have got to say VoiceComputer is excellent and worth every penny; it's essentially saved my bacon as it were and allowed me to continue working even though I've got severe RSI."

-- Paul R.

Pain-free at your PC

Enjoy Liberated Computer Control

Our Mission

The idea behind VoiceComputer and InTag was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

We make accessibility simple.