Stop Clicking Around!

Intuitive Speech-Recognition &
Voice Control


Control Your computer with
Just Your Voice

Guaranteed to greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use — with our no risk 30-day money back guarantee.

VoiceComputer revolutionizes computer control by voice, making it simpler than mouse control – and, at the same time - letting you continue to use your mouse, touchpad, and keyboard as much, or as little as you wish. You’ll be good to go as soon as you open the program.

Know Numbers?

Then You Know VoiceComputer

VoiceComputer is simple, user-friendly, gets out of your way, and lets you get your work done

Command with Numbers

Simply say the number associated with the command for fast, easy voice control.

Reduce Repetitive Motion

Eliminate repetitive motion and the injuries associated with it.

Make Organization Efficient

Keep your desktop organized and productive to get work done.

control by voice speech recognition voice command speech command computer

Break the barriers that tie you
to your computer

You can learn VoiceComputer in just 5 minutes or less.

VoiceComputer brings you comprehensive interactive help and learning at every stage as you use speech recognition.

You have instant access to a complete user manual, completely hands-free and totally by voice.

VoiceComputer allows you to size, position, and/or switch to any application on your desktop with only one or two speech commands. Even when you have 10, 20 or more applications open and you're using multiple monitors.


Fast & Easy Navigation

VoiceComputer’s game-changing speech user interface is a marvel of simplicity.

VoiceComputer makes speech control a natural part of Windows by automatically placing numbers on your application's menus and controls.

VoiceComputer always lets you know what to say by numbering the controls, menus and links on a screen.

With VoiceComputer, to tell your computer what you want to do, you no longer need to point and click, you simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.

With VoiceComputer, just say,
49 to open a message
26 to reply to a message
19 to create a new message
Drag 53 to 62 to drag a message to a folder

Stop clicking around!

Simply say your commands. 

*Our VoiceComputer and our Intag applications both feature the Intag speech interface.

"We Brits don't tend to gush very much, however, have got to say VoiceComputer is excellent and worth every penny; it's essentially saved my bacon as it were and allowed me to continue working even though I've got severe RSI."

-- Paul R.

"VoiceComputer has been a blast, providing much relief. My right arm thanks you all! 

The more I use VC the more useful I discover it is. I'm telling everyone I know about VC."

-- Bryan S.

"I have cleaned out my inbox more than once using Voice Computer. I never succeeded at doing that from the keyboard. Therefore, the way I would describe Voice Computer is, "the only way to clean out your inbox"."

-- Gary S.

"VoiceComputer has made my life as a worldwide account director for FedEx Corporation much easier. I have never measured the time savings, but I can tell you that it is tremendous and it is a lot more fun doing work these days."

-- Michael S.

Be pain-free at your PC

Computer Control with Just Your Voice

The idea behind VoiceComputer and InTag was to build the ultimate desktop experience. We re-invented/re-engineered computer control to take the repetitive out of repetitive stress, the stress out of repetitive computing.

We make accessibility simple.